What is an accountability coach?

Everyone needs a crowd cheering them on! An accountability coach works with you to set goals and then check in often to ensure that those goals are being met with action steps. How often and methods of communication will be catered to each client to ensure they are successful in their transformation.

Who is an ideal client for accountabillty coaching?

You know what needs to be done and you just need someone to make sure you get it done. It must be important enough for you to be reading this! Anything that will transform your life, your business, your relationships is within the scope of accountability coaching.

Many people have tried accountability apps and either give up or ignore them. I will make sure you keep going.

What is the investment to work with Kelley?
Because everyone is different, your engagement will be personalized and based on the transformation you want to achieve. Engagements range from a minimum of three months to a year. 
Please see "other services" for alternative and shorter-term ways to work with Kelley.
Do I need to meet in person with Kelley? Or can I live anywhere and work with her?

All communication will be done by phone, e-mail or text, depending on the needs of each client. Face-to-face meetings or video conferencing are available as required.

Do you work with businesses or groups?

Yes, Corporate or group engagements are available and are designed according to specific needs and requirements. Reach out and let's make a plan that makes sense for you!

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