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When you're ready to get started you will get a custom accountability program with the exact types and frequency of communication you need. 

Kickstart 2-week Concierge Program: 
Change is hard, but that's why I am here! Your new habits all start here. For 14 days straight, I will be with you every step of the way as you ignite your habits with a strategy, daily check-ins, phone/video calls and regular assessments of what is working/what's not. 
Price per day: $21.36
Total cost: $299

Monthly Habit Reinforcement Program: 
Once you've finished 14 days of kickstarting your new habits, this is the part where you will keep going to make those habits stick for a lifetime. I will continue to hold you accountable on a daily basis, helping you incorporate your new habits into your personal and work life. Balance and continuity are how you build that foundation for long-term success!
Price per day: $6.63
Total cost: $199

Monthly Lifelong Maintenance Program: 
After you've gotten those habits in place and are seeing results, you will continue receiving daily accountability through check-ins, support, encouragement and reminders from me. 
Price per day: $2.50
Total cost: $99

E-mail me to get started!
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