Nice to meet you! I'm Kelley McGuire and am excited to help you in your transformation journey. My own journey led me to begin helping others who are struggling with the same things I did.

My mission is to help you:

  • Reach your goals and make them part of who you are going to become. 

  • Encourage you when you hit roadblocks.

  • Work with you on a strategy to change habits.

  • Support you along the way with every piece of the solution.

  • Work on your mindset.

I've helped people who have struggled with things like procrastination, weight and health issues, fear, anxiety, business growth, career changes and other challenges. Those people were tired of saying, "I really need to..." and were just flat out tired of going in circles.

If you are ready, decided, committed and ready for a long-term journey toward not only reaching your goals, but changing your future, let's talk and see how I can help. You can do this!


We will work together to easily come up with a daily activity or activities that will naturally result in your transformation.

We will plan for any roadblocks that might arise that could keep you from success.

You will receive encouraging texts and/or e-mails to complete those activities.

My job isn’t to give you information, it’s to help you in your transformation with a specific outcome.

Each day, you will reply that you have completed what you said you would do. You can even send a photo of yourself doing things!

Once a week, we will have a phone conversation to recap how things went, any roadblocks that arose, and adjustments to continue daily success for the next week on.

That’s it. 

Click here to set up a FREE, no obligation discovery call and we can see if this is the right time to begin! 

After our time working together, you are welcome to continue on a monthly basis to maintain your newly formed habits, or we can even work on even more habits to continue the positive transformation you have begun!


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