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Nice to meet you! I'm Kelley McGuire and am excited to help you in your transformation journey. My own journey led me to become an accountability coach, so I could help people who are struggling with some of the same things I did. 

I come from a family of high-performing, hard-working, no-nonsense doers. As a young person, I struggled to feel like I was reaching my potential. Being surrounded by talented people who made success look easy made me feel like I was constantly failing, even though I know now that I was simply young and focused on perfection.

Fast forward through a lot of years, personal growth and experience, I realized how many other young people felt like I did. It wasn't that I didn't have wonderful parents and family members to teach me. I just didn't have the "right" person sending me the message.

Throughout my adult life, I have mentored many young people and became a "go-to" for business and career advice. Offering a personalized, custom accountability coaching program allows me to not just help people brainstorm about what they can become, but also walk alongside them as they make it happen.

My mission as an accountability coach is to help you:

  • Create habits so you can reach your goals. 

  • Encourage you when you hit roadblocks.

  • Work with you on a strategy to make your habits permanent.

  • Support you along the way with every piece of the solution.

  • Work on your mindset.

Have you struggled with things like procrastination, weight and health issues, fear, anxiety, business growth, career changes, financial challenges? Are you tired of saying, "I really need to..."or just tired of going in circles?

As your personal accountability coach, this is where I can help. If you are ready to commit to doing the work, we should talk and see how I can help. You can do this!


We will work together to come up with a daily activity or activities that will naturally result in results. This is a custom program, not a one-size-fits all prescription.

We will plan for any roadblocks that might arise that could keep you from success. 

Based on the customized plan, I will check in with you to ensure that you have completed what you said you would do. You will recap how things went, any struggles that arose, and we'll make adjustments to continue daily success for the rest of the program and beyond.

That’s it. Simple, but powerful. 


Whether you work with me for the two-week Kickstarter Program or for several months, think about what you will be able to accomplish with an accountability partner!

Click here to set up a FREE, no obligation discovery call and we can see if this is the right time to begin! You can also download my free "Four-Step Guide to Transformation" by clicking here.

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